InterRail UK Deals & Discount Codes 2021

InterRail UK Deals & Voucher Codes

Discover Europe with InterRail UK. Whether you’d like to cross off all 33 countries with the Global Pass or get to know the one really well, find the best InterRail deals here.

What is an InterRail pass?

InterRail is a range of rail passes for Europeans, granting unlimited rail travel on the scheduled train services of the national operators across the most of Europe.

Starting in 1972, the rail pass was borne out of being a pass for young people, as it was considered almost a rite of passage, though in 2021 there are now InterRail passes for children, youths, adults and seniors.

The InterRail pass is an ideal way to see Europe at ground level with the bonus of someone else doing the driving for you, so you can take it all in. Read on to find out more about how InterRail passes work as well as about some individual passes on offer.

InterRail Global Passes

This is the all-encompassing InterRail pass, which can take you to over 40,000 destinations across 33 European countries. It’s up to you whether you want to map your whole route in advance or decide on the day – it’s your choice.

Not only are 33 countries open to you, its all at your fingertips, with mobile InterRail Global Passes available. Being paperless on your travels means you can experience more freedom and flexibility than ever before – with just one Pass on your mobile phone.

The most popular types of InterRail Global Pass are the 5 days in 1 month and the 7 days in month variations. The 5 days of unlimited train travel is perfect for visiting 4 to 6 destinations, whereas the 7 days of unlimited train travel is ideal for visiting 6 to 8 destinations. There are discounts on both for youths (under 28 years old), seniors (60+) and families. Other variations of the InterRail Global Pass are available.

The InterRail Global Pass lets you travel in the following 33 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey.

InterRail One Country Passes

You may choose to see the best of just one country. Explore your favourite country, seeing it all, from the big cities to the less beaten tracks, and everything in between. This way you get to feel like a local quicker. Pick from 29 countries for your InterRail pass and get ready to embark on an adventure.

Buying an InterRail pass is cheaper than individual train tickets

InterRail passes can very often be cheaper than buying the individual rail tickets, and the savings add up the longer you plan to travel Europe for.

The passes are top value already (more on this later), though there are things you can do to get cheaper or discounted InterRail passes. It’s important to note that InterRail passes are only for European citizens. If you’re a non-European citizen, you’ll need to check out the Eurail pass, which is very similar.

Can I get an InterRail discount code?

It may well be a myth about InterRail discounts in the form of codes. The reason being there are no coupon codes or discount codes for InterRail passes as far as we can find.

And while the presence of a coupon code box on the checkout page teases, these codes must be rarely used, if at all, to most people.

How to get InterRail student discount

There is no InterRail student discount as such. InterRail has a youth pass that is up to 23% cheaper than an adult pass – youth pass meaning anyone under the age of 28.

The InterRail youth pass then is often considered like a student discount, however this wouldn’t be right as there’s no requirement to be a student to get this pass.

How to get a discount on InterRail

For those still in search of a discounted InterRail pass, read more on some of the ways you can try to get a discount.

DiscoverEU free InterRail pass scheme

What could be better than a cheap InterRail pass? A free one, of course! If you’re 18 or turning 18 soon, then you have the chance to get a free 30 day global InterRail pass thanks to the DiscoverEU scheme.

DiscoverEU is a European Union scheme offering a free InterRail pass for EU citizens or those living within the EU at the age of 18.

If successful in applying for one, you will receive a pass allowing travel to Europe for one month during the allocated travel window.

By the end of 2020, over 70,000 InterRail passes have been made available to young Europeans through the DiscoverEU scheme, with the total number of applications hitting 350,000.

The scheme was due to finish by the end of 2020, though the biannual application windows were suspended. These two windows are not expected to open again in 2021. It’s still not clear whether the scheme or something similar will run in future.

With the UK having left the EU, there are no guarantees that opportunities like this will come about often, though it’s important to remain optimistic.

Current InterRail promotions

Periodically, you’ll find runs promotions on passes on its online store. The best place to find these current InterRail promos are here, as we update this page regularly with all the latest deals and offers.

Check prices at MyInterRail

The UK alternative to the official website is MyInterRail. This site is operated by the UK’s National Rail network.

Before 2020, these InterRail tickets would be sold cheaper than on the official site, though prices seem to be more aligned these days.

The latest prices can be found on the MyInterRail store page, so be sure to check there too. Being UK-based, you can also get much faster delivery with MyInterRail.

InterRail competitions and prize draws

InterRail regularly run comps and prize draws where you can win free passes as prizes. They are often something like ‘sign up to our newsletter for a chance to win’. Some involve completing a survey to enter.

It’s worth checking the competitions section of the InterRail site for a list of the current competitions and updates.

Complimentary InterRail passes for influencers

If you’re a blogger or influencer with a reasonably sized audience of followers then you may be able to request a complimentary InterRail pass.

This arrangement is typically made in return for sharing blogs or social media posts about your trip. There was a dedicated influencer request form on their site last time we checked. If not, you might like to get in touch with InterRail on Facebook or Twitter.

Save by using multiple one-country passes

This isn’t really a way to get discounted InterRail passes, though it’s definitely a way to save on your InterRail pass overall.

If you’re planning to be travelling in central or eastern Europe, getting multiple one-country InterRail passes rather than a global pass could work out cheaper.

As the one country passes are much cheaper in countries like Czech Republic and Slovakia, the total cost of your InterRail journey would be less than a global pass.

This InterRail price hack works on if you buy up to 3 one country passes. You might like to only explore a particular area of Europe really well, for instance.

An example to demonstrate the saving: your itinerary includes the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Assuming your using 3x one-country (4 days in a month) passes (youth, second class) for a total of 10 travel days (accounting for two for the border crossings), this itinerary would cost you 3x £54 = £162.

The price to do this three-country journey using a global pass with the equivalent number of travel days (10 days flex travel in 2 months) is £268. That’s a saving of £106 (correct in January 2021).


How much is an InterRail ticket?

InterRail tickets vary in price, starting from £209 for an adult (aged 28 to 59) with a 2nd class pass eligible for 4 days flexi-travel on 1 month. The costliest InterRail tickets are priced at £1,021 for a 1st class pass eligible for 3 months continuous travel.

Is an InterRail pass worth it?

Whether you choose an InterRail or Eurail pass, they could be considered quite a splurge. If you’re wanting to see Europe on a shoestring budget, an InterRail pass is, in fact, not actually the most affordable way of getting around the continent. However, the flexibility of rail travel that the pass affords you is unrivalled by any other mode of transport.

Whether InterRail is cheaper than buying tickets individually ultimately depends on your route. Travelling for longer periods of time, or covering longer journeys across the continent is likely to make an InterRail pass better value.

The InterRail pass poses more value than monetary. It’s the freedom to jump on any train and keep your plans as fluid as possible that’s the most appealing thing about the InterRail pass.

Is InterRail cheaper than Eurail?

InterRail and Eurail are both rail passes for Europe, and while they’re similar, the key difference is – who can buy them. InterRail passes are only for UK and European citizens or residents.

Eurail passes are for non-European citizens or residents, so catering for the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico and more. As a result, it means InterRail passes will also be cheaper because, as a citizen, you pay taxes in Europe.

Does InterRail include Eurostar?

Yes. If you have an InterRail global pass, you can travel on the Eurostar high-speed train which connects London with France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Note that a seat reservation is still required for this train, and can be made up to 6 months in advance.

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