Interrail Passes

Want to explore Europe on a budget, but don’t know where to begin? An Interrail pass is one of the best and cheapest ways to travel the continent on a shoe-string.

Buy your ticket to freedom, freedom to go wherever you want on the continent. Jump on board the train to adventure, secrets and stories that will last a lifetime.

From the Swiss Alps to the shores of fjords of Norway, the surfer’s paradise of Sagres to the pearl white tops of Santorini, explore all of Europe in the most fun and flexible way.

Travel tip: Book before you turn 25 for a 25% discount!

Why Buy an Interrail?

Travelling Europe by train has many perks already over planes and cars. When you buy an InterRail it’s even easier. Here’s why:

  • No check-ins needed
  • Travel from city centre to city centre
  • Make friends, relax and plan your days out in comfort
  • Discover landscapes you would otherwise miss
  • Freedom to hop on and hop off at every stop, city or village

Interrail Passes

So you’ve decided you want to buy the ticket. Good choice. But, how do you book?

How to book your pass

1 – choose your pass: Global or One Country

2 – choose your time: 10 days, 22 days, 1 month. Flexi or continuous

3 – choose your style: first or second class

4 – choose your leaving date: from when your pass will be valid

5 – book your pass, and pack!

Global Pass

Starts from £140 (€192)
Covers 30 countries

5 days within 10 days from £140
10 days within 22 days from £205
15 days continuous from £237
22 days continuous from £262
1 month continuous from £336

Buy Global Pass

One Country Pass

Starts from £30
Covers 1 country
Travel options:
– 3 days within 1 month
– 4 days within 1 month
– 6 days within 1 month
– 8 days within 1 month
Buy One Country Pass


Do I need an Interrail or Eurail pass?

Interrail passes can only be purchased by European citizens and official residents. This means, anyone from an EU country or who can provide evidence of living in Europe can buy one.

Non-European citizens must buy a Eurrail pass instead.

Which Interrail Pass is best?

This is entirely depends on what you want to do and see. We’d recommend getting an Interrail Global Pass so you’ve the freedom to travel by train in 30 European countries. You’d rather leave it open.

If you know what country you really want to immerse yourself in. Maybe you’ve learnt the language or have friends and family already living in that country. An Interrail One Country Pass is then the best for you.

To really get to know two or three countries, you can buy several One Country Passes.

Can you explain the travel options above?

For example, 5 days within 10 days means that you can choose any five days to travel on within a ten day trip. The travel days do not have to be back-to-back.

You have freedom to choose which days you want to travel on. This is perfect for if you know you’re not going to be travelling every single day and perhaps have more of a plan.

Why do I still have to make some train reservations?

Train reservations are needed if you intend on travelling by high-speed rail anywhere on the continent. Spain, France and Italy have invested heavily in high-speed shortening journey times dramatically.

Night trains also require reservations, but often no more than a couple of pounds or euros. These fees are not included with any pass so do factor this into your budget.

High-speed and night train reservations must be made in person at the station nearer to your departure date.

Travel tip: Reservation fees are avoidable by taking slower, alternate routes.

Read more about train reservations here.

When will I get my Interrail Pass delivered?

Delivery times vary depending on where you live and what shipping method you choose. In the UK free delivery is available if you can wait 11 business days before the start of your trip.

Premium shipping with tracking for the more spontaneous costs €8 and will get to you within just 2 business days.

Important: Someone will need to be there to sign for the delivery during working hours.

I’m clumsy, how do I protect my pass against loss or theft?

You can buy Pass Loss and Theft Cover to protect your pass should you lose it or it be stolen. This is worth it especially if you’re on a continuous pass for 10 days or more.

In the event of loss or theft of your pass without cover, you’ll have to buy expensive replacement tickets at face value to continuing travelling.

With cover, you can get a refund for replacement train tickets or a new pass up to the value of time remaining on it.

Pass protection starts from £10 (€11).

If your pass is lost or stolen, follow these steps.

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