Travelling Europe

So you’ve decided you want to embark on a super awesome adventure across Europe? Good call. Travelling Europe is one the most enjoyable trips you can do, whatever your age.

Due to the continents’ rich and diverse history, culture, language and freedom of movement, Europe is a hotbed of intrepid travellers and revellers the world over, all-year-round. And why shouldn’t you be part of it?

Backpacking Europe will be the most memorable experience of your life: from jaw-dropping historical landmarks to mouth-watering local cuisine, gargantuan beer halls to vistas you never thought possible, you’ll share moments you could only dream of with friends you never imagined you could ever meet.

Ambling the streets of Paris after a moonlit tour of the Eiffel Tour along the River Seine, soaking up the sun after a day swimming the crystal-clear sea surrounding Dubrovnik. City tours, beach breaks, mountain treks, lake swims, island hopping — no two places are remotely the same in breath-taking Europe.

And there are multiple ways to see the continent: by rail, by road, by boat and by plane.

Travelling Europe By Rail

One of the most popular ways to travel Europe is by rail, with an InterRail Pass, or EurRail Pass (if you’re based outside the UK). This way is by far the most flexible and affordable way to travel Europe on a budget.

With a choice of global passes of 10-days (flexi and continuous), 22-days (flexi and continuous) and 1-month continuous travel, as well as three-country and single country passes, an InterRail ticket offers, by far, the best value for the virgin Euro traveller. If you’re under 25-years-old, as a youth, you’ll enjoy 35% off the cost of a typical adult season pass.

If you’re a traveller based in the UK, it is advisable to order your InterRail passes from the following outlets (as they work out cheapest):

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could book your rail travel as you go, using each country’s corresponding rail network provider. This will cost you more. However, it may work out more ideal for those who are over 25-years-old and only wanting to visit a select few places.

There are a number of great sites you can use to book your European rail travel with, whether you’re spontaneously prolonging your Eurotrip after your pass has ran out, booking as you go naturally, or need a seat reservation.

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    There tagline is the ‘European rail experts’, and I would hand on heart, agree. You can buy any European rail ticket from them, as well as Eurostar and InterRail passes.If you’ve already purchased your InterRail ticket from another outlet, is the best place to buy your InterRail seat reservations (a compulsory supplement for most major and all high-speed European rail routes).
    Here you’ll find traveller-collated routes, schedules, night trains, travel partners, hostels and an online ticket shop and reservation service. The site is an official online partner of Deutsche Bahn (Germany’s national rail service), so you know it’s a site you can trust.You may also buy your InterRail passes, EurRail passes and seat reservations here too.
  • is a great all-round starting place, offering a biblically-comprehensive guide to InterRail and EurRail passes, how they work and in what countries you’ll need to buy seat reservations and supplements (if any). An unrivalled European rail traveller’s guide.

Travelling Europe by bus

Whether you’re looking to extend a rail trip, jumping on one of the many wild hop-on-hop-off bus tours of Europe or bravely bussing it like the locals do, there are heaps of options to choose from (as the Aussies would say).

Of the hop-on-hop-off tours, you have ultimate flexibility and freedom, with bookings made at set pick-up points typically every two or three days, leaving you enough time to explore your new city, before jumping on again.

Met some really cool people? Need more time? No worries. Jump on the bus that leaves the day or two later.

The most popular are Busabout, Contiki Tours and Topdeck, largely inhabited by Aussies, a few Kiwis, Canadians, Americans and the odd Brit for good measure.

Either way, you’re in for a treat. Very few hours sleep, but unforgettable memories and friends to be met.

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